Intuitive painting is a significant part of Fiona Neal's studio practice.


This component adds to the depth and energy in her paintings, but moreover, spending periods mindfully immersed in the process is imperative for her health and well-being.  Her experience with this incredibly beneficial practice inspired the development of a series of workshops.

Open to everyone, these creative,  relaxed and rewarding sessions will encourage deeper individual focus, develop non verbal expression, discharge tension and energize  creative practice.


No painting experience is necessary.

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© Copyright 2020 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2020 | FNA | All Rights Reserved

Paint for Self (5hrs):

With the focus strongly on the process and not the end result, criticism and comparison are left at the door. Through discussion and demonstration participants will be introduced to this unique way of connecting with their subconscious, before guided painting time and individual support to help them develop and discover their own true painting style.

By providing tips and techniques that will encourage experimentation and challenge predictable and limiting thought processes, Fiona Neal will guide you through this rewarding painting experience.

Paint for Self Plus (10hrs):

This two day workshop will allow participants to take their painting to the next level. Day one follows the same format as Fiona Neal's standard Paint for Self Workshops. The addition of a second full day provides further and more advanced opportunities for exploration of this discipline. Pave the way for a deeper self connection as participants bring their paintings from day one toward completion.

For more information or to book a private workshop please contact Fiona Neal directly.