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Using her 20 years of experience in education, support roles and training, along with her creative skills and insight from her personal journey, Fiona Neal designs and teaches a range of in person and online workshops, courses and coaching programs. Sought after and open to everyone, these creative, relaxed and rewarding sessions promote deeper individual focus, encourage self-connection, develop non verbal expression, discharge tension and energize creative practice. 

Fiona's public and private workshops, classes and sessions attract people who want to release or explore or both.

She works regularly with participants experiencing  high stress situations, or major life changes, as well as those who want to explore another way to express, to self connect, and to further their self-development or enliven their creative practice.

One on One Coaching and Support


Fiona Neal offers individual coaching to those experiencing emotional upheaval as a result of life changes such as illness, loss, divorce or relationship breakdown. 

Utilizing a combination of counselling, working together and creative work, she helps her clients explore and identify their emotional needs and learn ways to express and release healthily as they move through these big life transitions.

"Major change can be disconcerting, and is often devastating. It can quickly lead us to overwhelm. Working individually with clients gives me an opportunity to guide, support, and meet you where you are.  My sessions are designed to help you understand where you are, to identify and gently release some of those stuck emotions, and to develop a secure sense of self as you return to a place of calm and clarity. 

I offer a free no obligation online or in person informal meet to discuss whether one on one coaching is right for you."


 " I strongly believe that creative expression has immense value as a self development practice.  As all process painters would attest, the value of the journey and what is learned as we move through it, far outweighs the end result of the painting or image created.  It can help us not only express emotions, but offers a release as we work through them.  It is a way to connect with the self and our subconscious, a return to the heart and our values, and helps us to ultimately feel relaxed, grounded and surefooted. "

                                                                                                                                                                             Fiona Neal

Creative workshops and courses

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© Copyright 2020 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2020 | FNA | All Rights Reserved



Paint for Self (5hrs) An intuitive painting experience:

With the focus strongly on the process and not the end result, criticism and comparison are left at the door. Through discussion and demonstration participants will be introduced to this unique way of connecting with their subconscious, before guided painting time and individual support to help them develop and discover their own true painting style.

By providing tips and techniques that will encourage experimentation and challenge predictable and limiting thought processes, Fiona Neal will guide you through this rewarding painting experience.

Paint for Self Plus (10hrs):

This two day workshop will allow participants to take their painting to the next level. Day one follows the same format as Fiona Neal's standard Paint for Self Workshops. The addition of a second full day provides further and more advanced opportunities for exploration of this discipline. Pave the way for a deeper self connection as participants bring their paintings from day one toward completion.

For more information or to book a private workshop please contact Fiona Neal directly.


Artist Talk

Join Fiona Neal for this engaging and insightful powerpoint presentation.  Hear how her journey into creative expression has impacted her life and how the development and practice of intuitive abstract abstract painting led her back to a deep and important self connection.

For all inquiries, please contact Fiona Neal directly

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