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A piece of Fiona Neal original art created exactly for your space brings an energy like nothing else. Whether you are planning the interior of your new build, or wanting to bring some vitality into an existing residential or commercial space, your custom painting will add incredible impact, create a focal point and work with your current environment to pull your space together.

Fiona Neal prides herself in her personal connection with clients. Regular communication, and images as your painting evolves, will keep you informed and involved in all aspects of this exciting process, from inception and palette decisions, to the viewing of your finished piece.

Limited commission appointments available annually. Contact the artist directly to book your first, no obligation consultation, either in your space or remotely.


Commission timelines are typically 8 weeks.

Rise | 60 x 60 | 2020

This powerful painting was commissioned by a Kelowna resident for her brand new home. The client wanted a deeply personal piece that embodied her j
journey, independence and strength. Neal was able to work with the client to consult with her and come up with a specific palette, and vision that met the her needs and desires perfectly.
Wings | 84 x 60 (Diptych) | 2019

A gorgeous family lakeview home in a South Kelowna neighbourhood provided the setting for this spectacular diptych. With careful consideration for the existing line and decor in the space, Fiona created a piece with beautiful complimentary line and structure. Her inimitable style is evident in her line-work, layering of colour and tonal transition. It shows magnificently on a large wall, and can be seen from the kitchen, dining and living areas
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved

Ascension | 48 x 102 (Triptych) | 2019

This very large ladder style triptych was commissioned by clients who had already purchased work from Fiona and trusted her to create a piece that would not only complement the existing artwork they had, but provide a show-stopping focal point in their home. The size of the piece brought additional opportunities for the artist to work with larger marks and a physical dynamic that ascends vertically through the piece.

Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved

Waves | 60 x 84 | 2018


The first of two commissions for a beautiful home in South Kelowna, this huge waves inspired piece was painted to specifically pull together some of the design colour choices in the home. It energizes, without overwhelming the calm and serene decor. Hung in the entrance hallway, but still visible from vantage points in the living area it provides an excellent focal point to the foyer of this home.

Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
Mist | 48 x 60 | 2018

A second Commission for the same clients gave an opportunity to play with a calmer energy. With a monochrome palette the emphasis for the representation of energy/emotion is on textural markmaking, and form. This piece played with depth and ethereal qualities, and shows wonderfully in the living space.
Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
Perception | 30 x 72 (Triptych) | 2017

Multi panels are a great way to work with a large horizontal wall. This triptych was commissioned for a brand new home, high in the hills above West Kelowna BC. The home has a minimalist design throughout, and the artwork was to be the main pop of colour and a visual focus. Bold contemporary colour choices, and an energetic flow worked extremely well with the structural lines in the build and the piece has pride of place in the dining area.
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
Crescendo | 24 x72 (x2)/ 48 x 48 | 2017

Another trio of paintings for an incredible home in Kelowna. The client was remodeling and wanted to use artwork and colour to pull the very large space together. The strategic, flow design and placing of the paintings around the great room, created a visual directional pull, culminating in an eruption of energy in the 48 x 48 show stopping piece that was hung on a magnificent stone fireplace. This project was a great example of how contemporary pieces can also work in older homes. The energetic colour and form gave the client what she wanted to update and energize her home.
© Copyright 2021 | Fiona Neal Abstracts | All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
Spectacular | 48 x 48 (x3) |2017

This trio of 48 x 48 pieces were commissioned for a 27 foot mezzanine wall in an Edmonton Alberta home. Although the pieces complement one another, They are individual paintings rather than a triptych. The use of signature blending and linework give a lyrical feel, and the size ensured they created an impact that could be seen from both levels of the space.
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved 2020 | Fiona Neal Abstracts | All Rights Reserved
Vitality | 48 x 120 | 2016

This 5 panel piece was designed and painted for a semicircular foyer wall in a magnificent lakefront home in Kelowna BC. The clients had seen previous work at shows, and needed an artist that could work to design something specifically for this space. By selecting canvas size that would hang perfectly on a curved wall, Fiona was able to produce a piece that accentuated the curvature of the wall, and brought a wow factor to the entrance point of this home.
© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved

Embers | 48 x 48 | 2015

This large piece was the first of several commissioned by the same clients for the remodeling of their casa Loma property. Stairway walls can often be bare, largely under-utilized spaces. This large work provides a magnificent warm glow, seen from many aspects of the home.

© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved

Prelude | 18 x 72 | 2015

A black and white commission for the same collector. They wanted a piece that would work along a horizontal space and had admired Some of Fiona’s movement study sketches. This piece took it’s starting point from a dance sketch, and the forms retain much of the movement and musicality from the original sketches. Subtle grey tones, along with signature block work provide fluid yet strong directional energy.

© Copyright 2021 | FNA | All Rights Reserved
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