The  straight lines of early 2013, quickly gave way to the spontaneity of fluidity and movement. An exploration of using colour, marks and energy to create movement and flow across the canvas. Contrasting meditative soft blending techniques with structural elements and finer paint lines.



I hold a deep fascination with how journeying builds connection and belonging to place.  My own relationship to the environment influenced many of my 2014 works. The changes of view as I moved through it, or subtle movements in water or clouds were some of my starting points. I introduced more mediums, and a stronger confident energy emerged.



Studies of  stirring liquids and circular movement sparked several pieces in 2015. Later in the year I was back to enjoying a more spontaneous starting point and the freedoms of a meditative process, allowing composition to emerge before imposing structural lines and thoughtful decisions.


Circles gave way to oval forms in the first half of 2016. For the remainder of the year I explored the portrayal of surging emotions. I used meditation to become more connected to my subconscious and my process became more physical. Colour washes, stronger jewel tones in my palette, and energetic pencil marks along with paint built up depth and the intensity I was looking for.



The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 marked a significant shift in my studio work. Some soul searching and a decision to focus on making art, not money, allowed me the freedom I  needed to explore what I really wanted to express, and return wholeheartedly to my Fine Art background. In came deeper thought and planning, some brutal honesty (!) and a change of mood and palette.


My personal circumstances changed completely, and as I painted through my transition, *two new series of works developed as a powerful testament to this stage of my life's journey. The deep introspective Self Portrait Series gave way to the 'freedom series' as  new circumstances inspired a fresh free palette and optimistic brushstrokes.


WEBS Acryl  on Canvas 40 x 30 _Web.jpg

Untitled Self Portrait Series

Becoming 24 x 54.jpg
Transform 36 x 90.jpg
prevail .jpg
Bluebird1 48 x 48.jpg

Freedom Series


Lines, layering, bridges and connection within and without the canvas as I continued to explore explosive and spontaneous composition that wasn't contained with edges. Themes of being in a place/ in place, of walking the same line over and over to gain familiarity and a sense of belonging.

Affinity 36 x 60 Acrylic on Canvas
Mountains (2).jpg
Meadows 18 x 60.jpg
Inspiration 36 x 60.jpg
revelation 36 x 60.jpg
Connection 36 x 60.jpg
Percipient 36 x 36.jpg
Declaration 48 x 48.jpg
loosen 48 x 24.jpg
liberate 48 x 24.jpg
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