Much of my work is a reflection of my attempts to truly belong in my own space, not just as an immigrant to a new country, but more importantly within myself. It is a culmination of a personal journey that I mistakenly thought was re-invention, but now realise was re-discovery!

Through the medium of painting I find ways to push boundaries and explore new lands. I love the parallels between this, my movements geographically, and my personal search to belong.

The unpredictability of imagination and of the fluid mediums I use, juxtaposed with an ordered thought process and the controlled brushstroke, make for a fascinating creative process.

As I paint, the image I am creating changes continually from a state of order to disorder and back again. I give up and regain control. Sometimes a dance, often a battle, but one I totally immerse myself in.

Within and without the canvas it is important for me to find the perfect balance between movement and fluidity, balance and still ness. By achieving this in my paintings I ground myself and find my own space here.

Painting is an integral part of who I am It brings completion and peace, but also joy, vibrancy, excitement, and a future full of possibilities.